How membership works

If you are joining us for the first time at one of our sessions, providing you are able to run at least 5k you will be fine in one of our pace groups - speak to a run leader at the start to find the right group to run with. Alternatively you can use the Contact details to let us know you will be attending in advance.

After you have run with us to try us out a few times, we ask that if you decide to continue running with us, you become a member.

⭐ For adults, there is an annual membership fee of £50. The club uses this payment to register you with UK Athletics, provide regular track sessions, subsidise your access to Squirrels events, buy you an exclusive Squirrels Christmas present, and then uses the remainder to fund essentials such as run-leader training & equipment. We are fully transparent with our finances & accounts and you can find more information about this in the Policies & FAQ section of the website. To submit your application for membership, please complete the adult membership form.

⭐ For junior members (defined as a runner aged under 18), the parent or guardian should complete the junior membership form.

⭐ We also offer a social-only membership at £10 per year. This is ideal for a non-running partner who wishes to attend Squirrels social events, or perhaps for an (unfortunately) injured runner. Social members can also vote in Squirrels Group awards and decisions. This does not include a Christmas present. Social membership can be upgraded to full running membership at any time by paying the difference between full membership, on a pro rata basis (excluding any affiliation fees payable to UK Athletics). To submit your application for social membership, please complete the adult membership form.

If you are also a member of another affiliated running club, then please advise if you would like Squirrels to be your first or second claim. Please also read our Code of Conduct and confirm your agreement as part of the membership form. This is an England Athletics requirement and protects you all, as members of the group. We would also like to signpost you to the following policies available on the Polices & FAQ page:

  • Safeguarding policies
  • Inclusion policy
  • Data Protection Policy

Once you are a member, please join our members-only Facebook group and our Strava group.

For further details about membership in 2024, please see this news post.

What we offer

Group training runs for all levels of runners

Group training runs are a great way for runners of all levels to improve their skills and stay motivated. We are an inclusive club, proud to cater for all abilities.

Qualified UK Athletics run leaders and coaches

Our group training runs are led by UK Athletics qualified & insured run leaders and coaches. We have training plans & sessions for those looking to improve their 10k or 5k times. We also organise guest coaching sessions with other qualified coaches, specialising in specific areas.

Regular track sessions

We have a regular monthly track session at the Pingles stadium in Nuneaton. The cost of this is included in your membership.

Discounts & a Christmas present

Joining our group means you will be UK Athletics affiliated, therefore you will receive a £2 discount when entering many races. We also give all members a Christmas present and have sourced discount codes at some of the top running gear retailers!

Support and camaraderie from fellow runners

We have many members who have started running from scratch with zero fitness and are now proud Ultra marathon runners! We are a supportive bunch keen to help each other out. Many of us attend races and events together.

Social events and community involvement

Your membership fee gets you subsidised grub & a drink at our awards event and parties, and you can attend the several other social events that we organise each year. In past years this has included a trip for the Benidorm half marathon!