When & where we run

The club meets twice a week at the White Horse pub in Broughton Astley. There is free parking in the pub car park. 

  • Monday 6:30pm - 7:30pm (except bank holidays)
  • Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

We alternate between paced runs and interval sessions. In the summer months there is a pattern of 2 paced runs to every interval session. In the winter we change to 2:2. Once a month, we have a track session at Pingles Stadium. To see what session is next, please see the calendar on this page, or check the full Calendar which also includes races & events. During winter we strongly recommend you run with some form of lighting, there are some recommended items on our Shop page.

The White Horse pub
The White Horse pub

What are paced runs?

For paced runs, typically we have run-leaders for multiple groups accommodating paces from 8:30 minute miles through to 13+ minute miles, and sometimes also offer a walking group. In the summer we tend to run through the surrounding countryside and villages, whilst during winter we tend to stay within Broughton. You can see some of our commonly used routes. If you are joining us for the first time, providing you are able to run at least 5k you will be fine in one of our pace groups.

What are intervals?

For interval sessions, we all run together, doing a series of fun & challenging sessions at various locations in the village. Intervals give you the opportunity to run at a faster pace, and then have a period to recover before starting again. This is a great way to build your fitness, and also means you can run with & get to know runners that are not in your usual pace group. You can see details of some of our interval sessions.

What are track sessions?

We offer a monthly track session which will fall on the same night as intervals. We will usually still offer intervals in Broughton for anyone that can't attend, although we encourage people to come to the track sessions though as they are a lot of fun.

The track sessions are at Pingles Stadium in Nuneaton (about 20 mins from Broughton) and alternate between Mondays and Wednesdays each month which gives everyone the opportunity to be able to attend. Don't be intimidated by the track sessions - we have it to ourselves, there is no traffic and it is quite different to running on the road. As with intervals, track sessions will be suitable for ALL abilities. 

The cost of the track is typically £3 per session but this is covered as part of your annual Squirrels membership fee. If you would like to run at the track any other time, you can book and pay for a session yourself at this website. See this News Post for more details.

We ask that members use a poll in our members-only Facebook group to let us know you are coming, and to select a pace for paced-sessions. This is so that we can ensure no runner will ever be left behind. Newcomers can contact us in advance and then speak to a run leader on the night.