Official Squirrels tops

Our distinctive Scimitar tops were designed by Martin Beadle, who won the design competition in 2018There are vest, short-sleeve, and sometimes long-sleeve variants, in both green and black.

We bulk buy our official shirts and vests a couple of times a year. You can express interest in buying one using the form. Once we have enough interest, an order will be placed with Scimitar. Typically they cost in the region of £25-30, but the exact price depends on how many people order. Requests from non-members will not be processed.

Please let us know the following:

  • Style - Vest or short-sleeve shirt
  • Colour - Green or black
  • Fit - Men, Women or Youth
  • Size - Refer to Scimitar chart on the form
  • Personalisation - Do you want your name added? Costs an extra £1.50

Other Squirrels products

You can also buy a range of gear directly from the group. These items have been Christmas presents in past years, and we have a limited amount of stock left over. 

Please use this form to request an item.


You can buy a range of Squirrel's branded gear from BeesTees. This is a local company based in Leicester & very reasonably priced. Their shop has been split into 2 sections the first being the club colours & the 2nd is for all the other colours available.

Retro Items

Retro Squirrel can be ordered on bags, hats, coasters, notebook, plus some random other items. Broughton Astley village Squirrel is designed especially for mugs. Check out the cute village landmarks if you order one. Holly who has designed them lives in Croft and this is her first business venture so we're pleased to be supporting a local business.


We have some exclusive discounts from the likes of:

  • The Leicester Running Shop
  • Broughton Astley Leisure Centre
  • RUNR
  • Up & Running
  • HIGH5
  • Proviz

Check out this thread on our members-only Facebook group for more information.

Recommended products

The following items are in use by some of our members.