Accidents & Near Misses

Safe Squirrels are happy Squirrels! But accidents do sometimes happen and as a club we need to be sure that these are logged to help us learn, improve our policies and to keep members safe in the future. To allow us to do this, we now have an online Accident & Near Miss form to report any incidents which occur. 

Click here to report all incidents.

The form is available for everyone to access and should be completed for any accidents (including property damage) or near miss incidents which occur during an event organised by the Squirrels Running Group - i.e. during, arriving or leaving a club night session or another running/social event which has been put on by the club. 

Please do not use this form to report incidents which have occurred during a privately organised social run or event organised by someone else. We also ask that you make your Run Leader aware of anything that occurs during a club night session which they may not have witnessed themselves. If you have any queries regarding this form, please contact one of the group's Welfare Officers.

Emergency Contacts

Did you know that you can set chosen contacts to be your "in case of emergency" contacts in your smartphone? No? Well you can! And here is why you should...Both Android phones and iPhones have a feature known as "in case of emergency" or "ICE". This feature will let you add a list of emergency contacts to your phone. You can also add medical information, such as allergies or current medications, if these apply to you.

Emergency contacts can be quickly dialled from your lock screen without having to unlock your phone. This is incredibly helpful for emergency services to get in contact with your "ICE" person/people should you ever find yourself to be in a situation where you aren't able to communicate this yourself. Be that whilst on a club run with your Squirrels family, or at any other time. Getting in touch with the right person, or having quick access to your medical information, could save your life.

We hope that none of our members ever find themselves in such a situation, but to make sure that the first responders have as much information quickly to hand if you do, we are asking that you all take the time to add at least one "ICE" contact to your phone. We have included below some links which explain how to do this. If you would like some help, or have a different type of smartphone, please let us know and we will do our best to support you.

ANDROID USERS - If you have an Android phone, there are a few ways that you can set contacts to ICE contacts. Please see this guide which explains how it works on most phones.

IPHONE USERS - Please see Apples own guide which explains how to set contacts to ICE contacts