Squirrels Standards

Standards are a way of recognising individuals achievements in running. Squirrels standards are awarded annually and are open to all Squirrels members. In the Squirrels Running Group, we have 2 types of standard - timed events and distance. For each there are 7 standard levels ranging from Rhodium (highest) to Onyx.

  • The Standards Year will cover 11 months, 1st September - 31st July. The month of August will be used to collate the results prior to the Standards Award Ceremony in September.
  • For a Timed Event standard members must run a minimum of 4 timed events over different distances during the 11 month period.
  • For a Distance standard members must run a given number of miles during the 11 month standard period.

Timed Events

A Timed Event standard is obtained by running a recognised event at a set distance, currently between 1 mile (shortest) and Marathon. The standard level achieved will depend on the official time and the age/sex of the member on the date of the event.

  • The distances offered are 1 mile, 5 km, 5 mile, 6 mile, 10km, 7 mile, 8 mile, 10 mile, half marathon 20 mile and marathon. To obtain a Squirrels Timed Event standard, official times for 4 different distances, run between 1st September and 31st July, must be submitted, using the official on-line form.
  • The standard awarded at the end of the year will be for the lowest of the 4 times submitted. For example if 3 Gold Standard times and 1 Silver Standard time are achieved, then a Silver Standard will be awarded.
  • The Squirrels Mile segment must be run on a designated route where a Squirrels Strava Segment exists. These segments will initially be introduced and run on club nights from early spring. Thereafter members can attempt them on their own to improve times. These runs must be recorded on Strava. More information about these segments and how best to record them can be viewed on the mile segments page.
  • 5 km runs can be any official parkrun time. Other distances must be from official chip timings. Certain runs are not acceptable including Race for Life (not accurately measured) and some that are predominantly downhill (e.g. Tissington Half Marathon).

More details about the timings and age groups

How the timings are calculated

To calculate the required timings, we are closely following the method used by Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL). These are the County Standards and are for distances of 5km and above based on the World Standard Time of 2019. They offer 9 standards in total. Each LRRL standard is based on an uplift percentage to the World Standard Time ranging from 15% to 125%. These times can be seen on their website.

The Squirrels will follow the same calculation method but will apply higher uplifts from 37.5% to 177.5% to better reflect the nature of the club.

Squirrels Standards will be Rhodium (highest), Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Onyx (entry level).

The Squirrels Rhodium standard will align with County Standards Gold, Squirrels Platinum will align with County Standards Silver, etc.

LRRL do not include the 1 mile distance in the county standards but they do have Virtual Standards on their website for this distance. These were put together during lockdown to give runners something to aim for in the absence of official runs. We are using the 1 mile times per M/F age groups. The same uplift percentages will apply.

Age Groups

The following age groups will determine the times required for each distance with a different set of times for Males and Females.

  • Under 35
  • 35-39 years
  • 40-44 years
  • 45-49 years
  • 50-54 years
  • 55-59 years
  • 60-64 years
  • 65-69 years
  • 70+


This alternative type of Standard ignores the time or pace you run at and instead allows you to focus on distance. We will offer the same 8 standards, each of which will require a minimum running distance to be covered over the 11 month Squirrels Standards Year. All runs must be uploaded to Strava. Any run can be included whether outdoor or on a treadmill.

Distance standards will start at 450 miles for Onyx and increase in 150 mile intervals up to Gold and then increase in 200 mile intervals up to Rhodium. The distances per standard will be the same for all ages and genders.

Annual Distances to be covered by male or female members are:

  • Rhodium 1650 miles
  • Platinum 1450 miles
  • Diamond 1250 miles
  • Gold 1050 miles
  • Silver 900 miles
  • Bronze 750 miles
  • Copper 600 miles
  • Onyx 450 miles

    County Standards

    Entirely separate to Squirrels, the Leicestershire Road Running League also awards local runners who have achieved set Standards. More information is on the LRRL website.

    These typically run for an entire calendar year. A league representative asks for submissions for recognition to be made in December, typically via the Leicester Runners Facebook group (here is the post for 2023 if you want to get your certificate).