Standards awards evening - 2023


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Kate Keeling

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What a fab night we had yesterday at our standards awards evening. Well done to all the worthy winners of the awards we had 33 people complete them. I am sure you all agree the trophies looked amazing. 

For those who couldn't make last night we will do another mini ceremony after running on Weds 13th Sept or contact Cirhan for your award. 

So here is the lengthy list of all the winners:

Diamond Martin Renfrey, Matt Brown, Chris Merrick, Lyndsay Jordan, Angelia Donnelly, Julie Hill. 

Platinum Julie Kilby, Jean Dalby, Cirhan Truswell, Tom Robotham.

Gold Nicola Crowdell, Karen Miller, Lynne Rowe

Silver Alistair Gutteridge, Beth De Vries, Joanne Kirby, Christine Glaister, Rachel Hall, Clive Grafton-Reed, Annemarie Izzard. 

Bronze Martyn Lewin, Tom Phillips, Zoe Fox, Vicky Long, Sarah Leach, Laura Brookhouse, Jennie Foster. 

Copper Tim Windram, Neale Bassford, Natalie Taylor, Liz Sampson, Liz Perkins. 

Onyx Anna Ranson. 

Thank you to Andy Bannon for all his hard work on this years standards, he is handing the baton over to Jean Dalby for next year. Please keep an eye out over the next few weeks & we will be launching next years standard times, & something else to make them even more inclusive. These will run from the 1st Sept until the 31st July next year. 

Again a massive well done everyone.