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Tim Windram 

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Something I'm really excited to launch is a 10k improvers program, starting in early January. This will be in the format of 8 interval sessions once a week as coinciding with Squirrels intervals nights. Running a Spring marathon? Intervals should definitely be part of your training plan. This is specifically for runners who want to run a faster 10k, suitable for all abilities but you should be able to already run 10k fairly comfortably. 

You can dip in and out as you please, although obviously, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The track sessions are planned to be held at Pingles Stadium, in Nuneaton, will start at 7pm and cost £3 each which will need to be booked and paid for in advance by you. This is also subject to the availability of the track. This means the total cost for all four track sessions would be £12, but this is for the hire of the track only (nothing being paid to me personally, or the club - and you are getting free coaching).

If you can't make a session for any reason, I will share what we have planned and you can do it in your own time if you wish (away from the track). You'll get the most out of being there though!

The runs will all coincide with Squirrels intervals nights that we have planned already over the next couple of months. There is also a 10k race in Leicester on 03/03/24, so if you are chasing a standards time, you may wish to use this race. Even if you are training for an alternative distance (e.g. Marathon) the sessions will definitely be useful as part of your training.

Here are the planned dates:

  • 08/01/24 - Broughton Astley
  • 17/01/24 - Track Session (7pm start)
  • 22/01/24 - Broughton Astley - cancelled due to weather
  • 31/01/24 - Broughton Astley (Project 15)
  • 05/02/24 - Track Session (6pm start)
  • 14/02/24 - TBC
  • 19/02/24 - TBC
  • 28-02-24 - TBC

Note: this is the most up-to-date schedule. Facebook posts may contain a previous schedule.

Separately to this, we are also looking into offering some form of club funded track sessions for all our runners. So bear with me, this is a bit of an experiment for us to find track sessions that work for the club. If you are interested in joining the 10k Improvers programme, click the link to the discussion on the members-only Facebook group at the top of this post.

Squirrels after the first track session at Pingles
Squirrels after the first track session at Pingles